10 benefits of bay leaf .. the most important is getting rid of meat toxins

Laurel leaf benefits

Bay leaf or bay leaf is one of the basics of Egyptian homes in particular and Arab in general, and it is characterized by the shape of "dry leaf", its pungent smell and the distinctive taste it adds to food, not only that, but it is also characterized by many health benefits.

The benefits of bay leaf in cooking

In this context, Dr. Amal Fathi, a consultant for obesity and thinness, points out that bay leaf has a distinctive taste and aroma when it is used to cook chicken or meat, and adding it to food during cooking gives many health benefits.

Learn about the benefits of bay leaf

The obesity and thinness consultant presents some of the benefits that the human body obtains after consuming foods that contain bay leaf, including:

1- It expels toxins accumulated inside the body.
2- It strengthens the digestive system and reduces indigestion.
3- A killer of toxins and bacteria that may be found in meat and chicken.
4- Limit exposure to strokes.
5- Prevent high cholesterol.
6- It saves you from diarrhea.
7- Treats stomach ulcers.
8- Activates blood circulation in the body.
9- Appetite stimulant.
10- Helps secrete digestive juices.