Benefits of hot pepper for hair in 4 points

Many women and men suffer from hair problems, such as hair loss, alopecia, and others, and hot pepper contains a number of vitamins and useful substances in addition to capsaicin responsible for its hot flavor, and from here it was found that it has several benefits for infections, cancer, nerves, hair, and others, so we mention in The following lines are the most important benefits of hot pepper for hair and how to use it.

Benefits of chili for hair

There are several benefits of hot pepper for hair, as it may be used to treat hair loss, increase hair growth, or it may be added to the treatment plan for some head diseases such as alopecia; They are spots or voids that appear in the head that do not contain hair and may differ in their characteristics and shapes for different types.

Benefits of hot pepper for hair extension

Cayenne pepper may help hair growth by inhibiting Substance P and activating receptors called valanoid receptors. Also, one of the benefits of hot pepper with garlic for hair is to help its growth, as using garlic topically or eating it constantly may help increase its growth, but this use needs more studies. Today, in order to avoid any side effects that may appear as a result of excessive consumption of it. Among those side effects are the following:

Gas and diarrhea.
Bad breath.
Increased risk of liver damage when taken in large doses.
Other evidence of the benefits of green hot pepper for hair and its loss is that it and other types of hot pepper contain several vitamins important for hair growth, such as vitamin B9 (in English: Folate - Folic Acid), vitamin A (in English: Vitamin A), and vitamin C (in English: Vitamin C), and vitamin E (in English: Vitamin E).

Benefits of hot pepper for hair in the treatment of alopecia

One of the applications of the benefits of hot pepper for hair loss is its use when infected with alopecia (in English: Alopecia Areata), so there are several pharmaceutical preparations that contain it or components of it to increase hair growth in pharmacies.

Some doctors may resort to dispensing a drug that contains these ingredients in addition to other treatments when dealing with alopecia areata, as hot pepper increases blood flow to the scalp, and it has been found that the capsaicin in it may promote hair growth.

Benefits of hot pepper for hair and inflamed head

It was found that capsaicin has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the activation of some receptors. Infections appear in several areas of the body, including the scalp, and these hair or head infections may result from various causes, including ringworm, and seborrheic dermatitis, which is one of the most common causes of scalp inflammation, so the use of hot peppers may be useful in treating these infections that affect that area after consulting a doctor.

Benefits of chili for hair in general

Many women suffer from dull hair color and lack of shine due to several reasons, the most important of which is dehydration and not drinking enough water daily. Hot pepper may help restore lost hair shine and increase its freshness. It may also benefit hair health in general, but these benefits need more evidence to confirm them.