Mint : helpful for cases of constipation, diarrhea, or urinary problems

Since ancient times, mint has been renowned for its ability to relax muscles, treat digestive problems and for its antiseptic and invigorating properties. Here's a look at a grandmother's remedy with multiple benefits.

Rich in vitamin C and minerals including iron, magnesium and manganese, it also contains B group vitamins. As a result, mint has toning, astringent, anti-inflammatory, healing and antioxidant properties! So it's great for your skin and hair.

For digestion :

Mint has well-known digestive properties. It soothes the stomach and stimulates bile and therefore digestion, thanks to its iron and vitamin C content. To take advantage of its benefits, you can either add it to your dishes as a preventive measure, or drink fresh mint infusions after a meal.

A pain relief:

Mint has pain-relieving properties. It relieves insect bites and wounds. It is also used as first aid in the event of violent shocks or muscular pain. Some clinical trials have also demonstrated its benefits against headaches! And with good reason: it relaxes the nerves.

Against colds

As a decongestant, mint helps you breathe again when a cold gets in the way! An aromatic herb, it can also be used to relieve nasal congestion, or by infusing a few fresh leaves.


Good for the liver

By soothing the stomach and stimulating bile, mint helps the liver to eliminate toxins effectively. So, like lemon, it is an active detoxifier. Peppermint essential oil is known for its cholagogue and choleretic properties. It is used to aid digestion after heavy meals.