Mustard seeds have many medicinal properties

What is mustard?

1- An annual plant of the genus Brassica of the cruciferous family, its flowers are yellow, black and white mustard seeds are used for seasoning, and it has many medicinal properties. 

2- A preparation made from crushed mustard seeds, oil and vinegar to flavor food. Mustard is a condiment made from the seeds of the mustard plant. Mustard seeds are ground and mixed with water, salt, lemon juice, or other liquids and flavors. To make a paste (sauce) ranging from light yellow to dark brown. 

English mustard consists of mustard flour mixed with water, salt and sometimes lemon juice, but no vinegar is added to it. As for the French mustard, vinegar is added to it, and its taste is more mild. 

Strong-flavored mustard may cause watery eyes, sting in the palate, and irritate the nasal passages and throat. Mustard may also cause allergy in some people. Mustard is a popular addition to sandwiches, commonly paired with meats, cheeses, and hamburgers. It is also used to season many salads, sauces and some types of soup. 

Nutritional value: 

Mustard contains about 5 calories per teaspoon, and it also contains many vitamins and nutrients such as selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.