Orange blossom water is soothing and softening and regenerating

Orange blossom, also called "Essence of Neroli", named after the town of Nerola, comes from the bitter orange tree and is used both in cosmetics in treatments and in cooking in recipes for its many benefits. This small white flower is particularly appreciated for its sweet fragrance, but also for its many properties and virtues, which make it a real daily health and well-being product.

What are the health benefits of orange blossom water?

"The hydrosol is softer than the essential oil because less concentrated in active ingredients, and therefore better tolerated, while being just as effective, which makes it very interesting", notes Émilie Kapps. In many cases, the virtues of the hydrosol are similar to those of essential oils: "hydrosols are still unknown, people are not aware of their full potential and all the possibilities", declares the naturopath. "In addition, their spectrum of use is very broad." Whether for cosmetic use, as a therapeutic remedy or in the kitchen, the hydrosol can be used in various ways: mixed in a drink, diluted in bath water, added to a recipe, applied or sprayed on the skin, in compresses… For the kitchen. Orange blossom hydrosol is very popular in the kitchen, especially to enhance cakes, pastries or drinks. Don't hesitate to slip it into whipped cream, whipped cream, ice cream...

Does orange blossom water make you sleep?

Thanks to its relaxing and soothing power, orange blossom hydrosol will help fight against insomnia, hyperactivity, stress and depression. "It is recommended for people who have sleep and anxiety problems", notes Émilie Kapps. "To promote sleep, add a teaspoon to hot water (herbal tea), drink one hour before bedtime. To help fight stress, add a tablespoon to a liter of water, to drink during the day. Orange blossom hydrosol is also anti-stress in restless children who have concentration problems. Its use is also interesting in babies: "it will in particular calm colitis as well as dental flare-ups", indicates Émilie Kapps. Finally, orange blossom hydrosol is renowned for calming digestive spasms in adults. You can add a teaspoon in water, to drink before each meal.

What are the benefits of orange blossom for skin and hair?

Thanks to its rebalancing power, orange blossom hydrosol is suitable for all skin types and problems (oily, acne-prone, dull, combination, sensitive, etc.). "In particular, it will restore radiance to dull skin," advises Émilie Kapps. "But orange blossom is particularly recommended for dry and sensitive skin," she adds. You can spray the hydrosol on clean skin. For hair. "The orange blossom hydrosol is soothing, regenerating, very gentle, and it has a balancing property", indicates the naturopath. For the hair, it is indicated in case of irritated scalp. You can use it as a spray once a day.