The walnut tree is one of the oldest trees known to man

What is a nut

Walnut, and it is called in some countries the eye of the camel, is the seeds of the walnut tree, which are edible seeds, and have a hard shell that is difficult to break, and the walnut is distinguished by its famous shape close to the shape of the human brain, so it is said that it is useful for the brain, It is a symbol of intelligence, and it has a delicious and grainy taste.

It was found that eating walnuts actually supports brain function, prevents heart disease, and fights cancer.

The walnut tree is one of the oldest trees known to man. It has formed an important part of the human diet for thousands of years. Walnuts are rich in fatty acids that are beneficial to the body, such as Omega-3, and contain more antioxidants than any other food, in addition to a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

Walnut belongs to the order of oaks, the family of nuts according to taxonomy, and it is a tree that grows in all parts of the world, but its original habitat is the countries of the Mediterranean basin and Central Asia.

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Walnut nutritional content
Walnuts are rich in nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins such as: vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B group (B6, thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin), where every 100 grams of walnuts contain the following ingredients:

Calories: 645 calories.
Protein: 15.23 grams.
Carbohydrates: 13.71 grams.
Fat: 65.21 grams, as 65% of the nut is fat.
Sugar: 2.61 grams.
Calcium: 98 mg.
Potassium: 441 mg.
Sodium: 2 mg.
Cholesterol: 0 gr.